The RJM Recycled from a Spitfire aircraft
The 901 Recycled from Porsche 911's
The P-51 Recycled from Ford Mustangs
The Mark I Recycled from Mini Coopers
The Cooper Recycled from Mini Coopers
Fits all P-51 & 901 watches 24MM
Fits all Mark I watches 22MM
Fits all RJM & Cooper watches 20MM
901 Stainless Steel Bracelet Fits all 901 watches
Black 901 Stainless Steel Bracelet Fits all 901 watches
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Why have I never heard of REC Watches before?
Is REC Watches affiliated with BMW, MINI, FORD or any other brand?
Why is the brand called REC Watches?
What is an “ApS”?
How fast can I expect my order, and who do you deliver with?
How can I be sure that the recycled material is really from the object you say it is?
Do you randomly select which metal to recycle?
How many watches do you get from a single car – and is my watch a limited edition?
Why does my REC Watch not look exactly like the one on the website?
Can I go swimming with my REC Watch?
Will you transform my car into a watch for me?
Has anyone ever actually read all the Frequently Asked Questions?

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